2021 Tech Talk: The Rise of the B2B Sales Mobile App

Online portals such as the Apple Store and Google Play have certainly enjoyed their fair share of downloads during 2018.Current estimates observe that there were more than 178.1 global app downloads in 2021 (1) and the figures for this year have undoubtedly risen. Although it can be argued that many smartphone applications are based around gaming and entertainment, a growing number have been focusing upon providing e-commerce solutions to the end user (both the business and the client). Why have we witnessed such a rise in this category and are applications alone able to provide robust marketing solutions?Convenient, Clear and ConciseThe theory behind the diminutive mobile app has not changed much over the past few years. Any software bundle is simply intended to provide the user with a quick and streamlined method to access specific information.

Thus, convenience plays a pivotal role during the launch of any successful app.Clarity is becoming increasingly important. Users are no longer willing to tolerate obtuse or complicated platforms (one glance at negative online reviews undoubtedly confirms this fact). The second portion of the equation therefore involves the user-friendly aspect associated with any e-commerce software package.Many of the best-selling apps tend to be very concise in terms of content and navigation. This only stands to reason, as the majority will be accessed while away from the home or the office.

Users are looking for solutions which offer an intuitive UI alongside unparalleled flexibility.Of course, not all applications have met the mark. Some fall well short of their initial intentions and others have risen above and beyond standard e-commerce requirements. It is still a fact that the best apps are used in synergy with equally effective online platforms. One shining example of this observation can be witnessed in Shopify Plus.

Why is this program considered to represent the go-to B2B ecommerce solution on the market today?Paired with Robust E-Commerce PlatformsShopify Plus is known for its stellar levels of integration. Its architecture is device- and system-agnostic; it can work across multiple platforms with the same efficacy. It offers well over 100 secure payment gateways and the fact that shoppers can purchase a product 40 per cent faster when compared to other portals with this architecture has not fallen upon deaf ears. Still, there are other features which have enabled Shopify Plus to be the preferred e-commerce platform for major companies such as Beard & Blade, General Electric and Nestle.

These include (but are not solely limited to):

  • One-click storefront modifications.
  • Customised sales and invoicing.
  • Robust and reliable customer support.
  • The ability to provide volume-based discounts.
  • Streamlined cross-channel marketing.
When these features are combined with native smartphone apps, the result is clear. Shoppers can experience a more intuitive experience than ever before and sellers are able to effectively utilise the dynamic tools at their immediate disposal. Both of these observations represent nothing less than a recipe for success in the coming year.Sources:1.https://www.statista.com/topics/1002/mobile-app-usage/.

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