How the crisis is changing the way we look at online shopping

How the crisis is changing the way we look at online shoppingWhile the Corona crisis is a brutal blow to retail, it also shows that the crisis is spawning new ideas. By forcing many people to change the way they consume, they have looked at all the options that can be found outside of brick-and-mortar retail. This has led to an unexpected boom in services and shopping from the Internet. While it is already clear that offers from food retailers via the Internet are among the big winners of the crisis, it is particularly evident that regional retailers can also score points with their own presences on the Internet.E-commerce is establishing itself more and more as an alternative in GermanyIt is no wonder that this development has now taken such a leap, as it was already foreseeable in recent years that Germans would become more intensively involved with commerce on the Internet.

In a comparison within Europe, they have made it to third place in terms of who ordered products from the Internet in the past year. Nevertheless, it was noticeable up to now that the Germans' interest in trading on the Internet was mainly in the fashion and technology sectors. At the same time, supermarkets' projects to deliver groceries to the doorstep in particular had to contend with considerable problems in terms of demand and were even partly discontinued again by some chains.With the Corona crisis, however, it became clear that even these services can now generate a certain demand among customers. For many consumers, it was the first time they had come into contact with such services and they were able to see for themselves the quality and processes behind them.

But it was not only the providers of food or similar products that benefited. Above all, it was noticeable that many small shops finally dared to take the step into the Internet in order to be able to achieve at least a part of their sales. Many consumers took it for granted that they would stock up on goods from regional and local suppliers that they might have ordered from large chains under other circumstances.The ease of setting up a shop is an advantage for newcomersBesides the fact that acceptance of online shopping has risen noticeably in recent years, it is also the ease of access to one's own online shop that is responsible for this boom. It has never been so easy to create your own shop with the simplest of means.

There are, for example, providers such as Shopify, Jimdo or WooCommerce, with which the own online shop can be designed. Here, the users alone decide how many functions they want to have, how much money should be invested in the construction and how large the shop actually needs to be so that it is perfectly aligned for consumers. So, due to the correspondingly simple accesses and easy processing according to one's own wishes, the doors to the digital sales world are now also open to the operators of small shops in the retail sector. The current crisis in particular could be a great opportunity in which to completely reinvent oneself.

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