Selling medicines on the Internet; how to convey maximum confidence to the buyer

Buying medicines on the Internet is a practice that millions of users have been doing for years around the world. The lack of control over the origin and components of these drugs is, without doubt, one of the issues that most concerns both Internet users and health authorities, who have been warning of the risk involved for years. In my opinion, this measure was necessary many years ago because many people have bought drugs on the Internet and have been cheated or, worse still, have seen their health problems worsen. Although there are still steps to be taken, as this legislation only regulates the use of those medicines that do not require a prescription, I think it is a very important step forward.

Returning a little to what appeared in the Royal Decree I am talking about, I believe it is appropriate to stress that, from now on, the purchase of medicines on the Internet can only be made from authorised platforms that have yet to be created. These websites may only belong to authorised establishments, that is to say, pharmacies that have previously requested them and which have been authorised by the administration of the Autonomous Community to which they belong. These pharmaceutical websites will also need an identification stamp issued by the European Union which will serve to identify, in an easier and more comfortable way, which online shops and establishments are allowed to sell them. As if this were not enough, as they are managed by qualified personnel, the customer can be sure that, in addition to taking exactly the product they buy, they will be able to obtain personalised, professional and specialised advice.

Due to the improvement in profits that this measure will presumably bring, the pharmaceutical sector is anxiously awaiting its entry into force and the publication of the list of authorised establishments by the Autonomous Communities. Although I must point out that this sales technique is nothing new since it has been implemented for years, with similar characteristics, in other areas of work such as, for example, the installation of air conditioning equipment. In fact, the web site seems to me to be an excellent example of this. In short, I find it difficult to find any objections to the publication of this Royal Decree of the Spanish Government, although it is true that it seems to be an understatement given the times that are coming and the enormous quantity of drugs that can be bought on the Internet almost clandestinely.

Therefore, it only remains to wait until the pharmacies and their websites adapt to this system as quickly as possible and we can start enjoying all its advantages. Any measure that serves to increase the confidence of the buyer and ensure their safety when taking medicines online seems to me to be welcome.

Ty Campbell
Ty Campbell

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